VIETNAM Prophetic Flag

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Vietnam is an ancient culture in southeast Asia that has been under subjugation by other nations for much of its existence, China considered it one of its rebellious territories to this day. Vietnam has a checkered modern history and the USA involvement with fighting for its freedom changed the face of America. While it was never declared a war, the USA fought against North Vietnam and in 1975 North & South reunified into the present nation.

Their flag is a yellow star on a red background, the yellow to symbolize the people and the red for communism.

Their national motto is “ Independence-Freedom-Happiness”


As I prayed over what the Lord would say to Vietnam, I heard ringing in my Spirit the scripture from Joel 2:25 “ I will restore unto you the years that the locust has eaten, the canker worm, caterpillar and palmerworm-- My great army which I sent against you.”

Central image on the flag is the dove of Peace flying from the Hand of the Lord. Beneath his wings I placed their national motto since it is an appropriate Prophetic Decree. “ Independence-Freedom-Happiness”

The background is yellow for the people.