Plant you Name in the soil of Israel October 2018!!!

Those that know me, know that I live in Faith for God to provide all I need-- and I call Him Faithful. He has told me to go  to Israel in October 2018 with a group of Worshiping Warriors and I'm so excited!  I want to invite you to participate with me through your prayers and if you feel led through a donation. 

Part of my calling is to claim the land for the Glory of Jesus or Yeshua. 

I am offering to put your name on a wooden stake and plant it in the land of Israel for any size donation. 

You can use my account to do this! Just put one name per donation in the note section. Blessings, Tobbie


Unique Designs From Holy Spirit

Each flag is individually hand crafted.

Every flag is hand painted with dye.
Because of this, no two flags will ever be exactly the same - even if they are ordered at the exact same time. They may be very similar, but since I do not use mechanized forms of design reproduction, we can not produce identical flags.  

Also, please be aware that I use a basic pattern but each flag is hand painted and I try to flow with the Holy Ghost, so sometimes the flag WILL NOT look identical to what is pictured.