The Artist

Tobbie  Davis under the unction of Holy Spirit is the artist and owner at Flame Flags, a division of Heavenly Designs.

Tobbie has always loved a variety of creative expressions and after salvation into Jesus Christ in 1987 she committed to use her talents to exalt Him in everything she did.  Through the years she has done just that through creating biblical murals, conference vision banners, banners, written articles and prophetic paintings-- and then the flags. 

As a radical, enthusiastic worshiper she has learned the joy and breakthrough power of different expressions of praise and worship and was pulled by the Holy Spirit into worship with flags. Being an artist, it wasn't long before the paints transferred to dye and Flame Flags was birthed as God confirmed mightily this calling to create. She has been taught of the Lord and leaned unto His directions with minimal instruction from others. 

Tobbie is a worship warrior  and artist that the Lord called to create silk prophetic worship flags. The mandate upon her life is to equip the body of Christ with these warfare tools. Like an evangelist she seeks open doors to re-introduce the beauty and power of worship with flags. Her passion is to see the people set free and into their destiny as worshipers.

Tobbie knows resolutely the call of God on her life is to partner with other ministries to help usher in His Glory Presence through flagging. As an ambassador for flag worship she understands and values the spiritual authority God has placed in each assemblage. Thus she teaches and seeks to come into unity with that authority and not act as a long ranger. She is not seeking to perform as a presenter but desires to be a catalyst for revival through the use of flags as she worships amidst the congregation.

The Lord has promised her that where the flags she creates are waved and welcomed that His Glory Presence will come in to change the atmosphere. She has gotten countless testimonies of this happening and healing, deliverance, signs & wonders to people who have flagged or been flagged over.