Read Testimonies of how  God has moved in ministry with the flags and watch WATCH videos of FlameFlag flags being used in ministry. 

  • Watch Lion of Judah Flag at NDP on YouTube!
  • Watch Salinas California Rodeo Parade with Glory Fire Flags on YouTube!
  • Watch Duel Glory Flags on YouTube!
  • Watch Canopy Glory Dance on YouTube!
  • Watch How to use the Glory Canopy on YouTube!
  • Glory Fire & Canopies @ Pentacost on YouTube!
  • Dance Team using 11 flags & 2 Canopies on YouTube!
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    The flags are excellent! I have been drunk in the Holy Ghost for the last hour ever since I opened the box!Praising God and giving Him all the Glory! Love ya, Phyllis S.

    I bought the Ephphatha flag because of the Open Door prophetic meaning it called for. I took it back to my church. My Pastor "allowed" us to use flags, but he really didn't approve or promote their use. One day as we prepared the sanctuary with prayer before service began I was walking around with the Ephphatha flag in intercession. As I rounded the pew where my Pastor was sitting in prayer, I accidently hit him with the stick of the flag! He turned to look at me affronted, and as he did, he suddenly slumped and slid off the pew! Lost in the Glory Presence of God! When he got up he as shouting Hallelujah and Praising God and saying the power of God hit him as the flag hit him and that he now understood why I waved the flags! From that time since he has actively encouraged the body to a higher level of Praise and Worship and calls the flaggers and dancers to the front of the church! Thank You Jesus!

    Hey Tobbie, Just wanted to tell you how God has been moving in Indiana every where I have been to worship with your flags revival has broken out! Your flags are sweeping across Indiana from north south east and west! People are blown away by your gift and the anointing that is released by the fire flags especially. I release, sowed, one in Illinois and a Blue Flame in Michigan and an extra large fire into Gary Indiana to the first Pastor who said yes he wanted revival! They are all very powerful and I never mind waiting for you to make an order just for me since I heard the Lord say your giftings together with mine are a powerful~! Blessings, Keep doing what you do, Love, Kathy L.

    I had been under an oppressive spirit at my house. It was really strange because I could feel the depression or oppression come over me every time I would get home. I had prayed and annointed my house, I did all the war I knew to do and even had gotten others to pray with me and cometo my house for spiritual cleaning. And still I would feel depression come over me when I got home.
    I bought a small Glory Fire flag because Tobbie said the Lord had promised her that whereever these were waved then the Presence of the Lord would come in to change the atmosphere. She prayed with me that the Lord would be faithful to His Word. I went home after conference and put on some praise music and waved the flag. I didn't feel the oppression come on me! I opened my front door and told the devil to leave my house and I could actually feel a coldness leave! And I have not suffered that oppresive depression since!
    Thank You!Love, Sandra R.

    Hi Tobbie, I don't have words to express my gratitude. The Flags are absolutely beautiful.
    As I took them out of the box my daughter began to call out wanting the red fire and her oldest calling for the blue and her baby girl wanting the Lion of Judah! We are all very excited and cant wait to flag at church and in out neighborhood, even my husband is excited! It was so awesome as the two year old grabbed the Lion and started dancing around the room! Thank you for the Prophetic Word with the flags, it was direction I have been seeking. Love you, Rosy M.

    I was at Conference and joining in with the praise at the front, but my spirit man was not entering in. I was crying out to God for a miracle in a situation and believe that was hindering me. Anyway, near me was a woman flagging a small Lion of Judah flag and she bowed down and she layed the flag down beside her when she did. I heard the Lord tell me to pick up the flag and wave it. So I did. And when I did, my spirit man lept with the joy of the Lord and I knew my miracle had happened! The Lion of Judah had come to defend me! After the service I bought my own flag to take home!

    Thank you Lord for ordering Ms. Tobbie’s steps and having her attend the Pentecost Celebration 2011 at Global Spheres with the Flags & Banners she created to exalt you!
    With my steps being ordained by the Lord, I seen you waving a Lion of Judah flag and I immediately told my leader to look and that was all it took for her to purchase it! Then I was led to the one and only Ephphatha Flag. When you explained from your heart how you got the idea from a dream God gave you and that this was the first one you made and the only one of this design so far…….I knew that I knew, it was for me!
    So every time a speaker or Chuck Pierce would impart, bless or anoint us concerning an open door, open up, break open, heaven, miracles, door, gate, healing, etc. (which was MANY TIMES); I WOULD OPEN UP MY FLAG OR HOLD IT UP AND GRAB THE IMPARTATION, POWER & ANOINTING…..MY FLAG WAS SOAKING, TRULY!!!!! I WAS HAVING THE GREATEST TIME OF MY SPIRITUAL LIFE WITH MY 1ST FLAG. IT WAS SUCH A WITNESS! {. At the hotel, I slept under the and the anointing was so heavy I was in the Glory realm all night.} I also have released many powerful declarations with my flag and it was used at my leader’s Awake to Freedom Ministries – The Lion of the Tribe of Judah meeting when we got back from Pentecost Celebration.
    I am very connected to my Papa God, creator of heaven and earth, through this flag which is a weapon of warfare, point of contact, heavenly designed worship tool, prayer partner, act of faith and more to come…….. I give thanks and praise to you Lord God Almighty for having me meet Artist Tobbie Davis. Thank you Ms. Tobbie for being available to God, He surely is using you and your abilities. May our God bless you and Heavenly Designs indeed and enlarge your territory and that His right hand would be with you so that it will bring no harm or pain. Yes and Amen Let it be according to your word O Lord!
    Sincerely and EPHPHATHA, Robin K. Compton


    GLORY Canopy at Gateway Christian Church in North Carolina