What kind of material do you use?
I use Habotai Silk. Silk is like a sheet in its thread count, the higher the number the more thread and heavier the material. I use 5mm for the fire and river flags to keep them super light and customer survey prefers that lighter to the eight. The designed flags are on 8mm weight because it holds up better under the design production stresses. I will do weight changes at your request without additional charge.

If I don’t see the size I want in the design I want is there a way to order it?
Most of my designs can be ordered in any size, but some designs have too much information to fit onto a smaller size. Contact me to verify if I can make it work. Also at the bottom of the Glory Fire page is a special order button where you can choose a special size.
Small is 18” x 24”, Medium is 33” x 42”, Large is 43” x 55”,  X Large is 44” x 72” , XX Large is 55” x 96”

Will my flag to look like the one pictured?
I use the same basic design pictured but each flag is hand made and unique and will have some variations from the picture. I try to be sensitive to Holy Spirit as I create and so please be aware you are ordering the design, not the actual flag pictured.

Do the flags come complete with a stick?
All Flags except the XXLarge come standard with a 3/8” dowel rod stick. The dowels have been painted and coated with polyurethane and except for the small size, come with a ball end. I do offer weighted swings, light carbon rods, folding sticks and 14’ telescoping poles at an increased cost depending on style and size. Contact me if you want a special stick for your flag.

How is the flag attached? Does it swing freely?
The Flag is attached to the pole by a reinforced channel that has a band of elastic at the opening to keep it snug to the pole and the channel is doubled at the top to prevent the pole from ripping through. There is some freedom of movement on the pole, but these are not spinning flags--you have to swing to the right a couple times then to the left to keep it from wrapping up.


What kind of Care does the flag require?
he flag has been “steam set” so the colors should not fade but stay bright for years. THE FLAG REQUIRES NO CARE if due diligence is practiced. EXPOSURE TO LIQUIDS:
If flag get wets hang the flag to dry ASAP do not lay flat if wet ! Hang it up! If the liquid soaks the flag then towel dry it before hanging.

If sugary or staining liquid spills, rinse the whole flag in cold water ASAP, use mild soap such as Woolite if needed, towel blot it to damp and, hang it to dry. Once dry you can iron it on the backside of the flag on the irons silk setting, use rapid short strokes while ironing .


Do not put in Dryer as the gold resist may become sticky and may fold the flag together!
Do not Dry Clean.
Do not pull loose strings but cut them!
If flag snags on something, do not try to tug it loose but unhook at the point of the snag.
Flags are for indoor use only and are not weather resistant.
Do not leave in direct sunlight or store in hot car or trunk for extended periods.
Do not expose to fire as materials are flammable.

Do not run with scissors or pointed knives!


Do you offer discounts for ministry groups or non-profits?
No. The Lord has given me this ministry business as my means of income. The majority of my clients are in the ministry or Christian Brethren. I’ve set my prices how the Lord has instructed.


Returns are accepted if complaint is received from customer upon receiving of product and product is returned unused within two weeks of customer receipt of product. The Customer is responsible for return postage, original postage and a 10% restocking fee. Refund will be given through same avenue as payment was received minus the above charges on once product is received back in shop.



How do you Ship?
I ship USPS Priority that usually takes 2-3 days for delivery . I do not ship overnight or have other services available for the United States at this time. I will send you a tracking number when I ship.

I  ship USPS International , but it is for material flag ONLY--there is no stick! I use 3/8" dowel rods but the pole channel on the flags are made to use larger sticks if needed.Customer is responsible for any customs or national taxes/fees

How long will I have to w
ait to get my order?
I normally only keep the Glory Fire in stock and can ship that in a couple days but I create most other orders as they come in. The production time is normally a week-10 days depending on the size of the order and what may be already pending, then shipping normally takes 2-5 days. So, you should expect it to be about two weeks most times but could be up to 3 weeks.

What payment forms do you take?
I accept all major credit cards through the Shopify cart or I accept PayPay which accepts all credit & debit cards and checks.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account ?
As you go through the process of checking out, you will be taken to the PayPal site and can securely use a credit card without signing into PayPal.

I don’t want to use my card online, are there any other payment options?
I will accept personal checks and money orders by mail, but your order will not begin to be processed until the check has cleared the bank. Contact me for a mailing address.

Can I give an order over the phone?
I do take phone orders but the processing fees are higher so there will be an additional 3% increase on the total order. Send me an email on the contact page with your name, number and order and I will call you.


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