Azerbaijan Prophetic Flag

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Is a country in the South Caucasus region between Asia & Europe “at the crossroads of” and shares borders with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey(“cradle of civilization). Gained independence from Russia in 1991. It is a “Turkic” State-- speak Turkish. It has a good human development index, economic growth, literacy and low unemployment. Most of the population are Azerbaijan. But has gained a reputation of political corruption, and human rights abuses-- only partly free government as those opposing the President have been jailed.
12/16-- they have declared to stand with Israel & withstanding Iran.
There is no national religion, but the majority (97%) are Shiite Muslims, but only 21% are practicing.

Corrupt. Crossroads. Muslim. Partly free. ISRAEL
I will be an enemy to your enemies and a friend to your friends.

Cross with “Israel roots, dripping Islam star/cresent, fraying, locked chains.