AFGHANISTAN Prophetic Flag

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Afghanistan claims to be the “Chest of Asia, its very heart” and is the seat of the Islamic Republic.
In the bible, Afghanistan was part of ancient Persia, perhaps part of Gog.


As I sought the Lord over Afghanistan, I began to hear the cry of the Lord to this nation was that it would come to Him, but that they would not do so willingly.

Ezekiel 38:4 we read how God said He would put hooks in the jaw of Persia to turn them back to His will.

Since they claim to be the heart for the heart is the center of activity and as the heart is, so is the body. I changed scripture a bit by exchanging “jaw” for “heart’ and the prophesy is a long one. But the cry of this flag is that Afghanistan’s heart will be turned from their destructive course and to the ways of the Lord, and as they do so, then all the Islamic nations will follow.

The background is of desert colors with brown arrows turning completely around from the direction they were headed.