PALAU Prophetic Flag

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An island country in the Micronesia region of the western Pacific Ocean encompassing over up to 500 islands totaling less than 200 square land miles. Nearly 2/3rd of the population (of 21k) live on one island, Koror. Their economy is based on tourism, subsidence agriculture & fishing-- most of their income comes from foreign aide, mostly from the USA.

It is a sovereign state in free association with the United States. It is important to the USA because of its airfields, strategic location to the Philippines & China and as a buffer for our ally Australia. The USA department of defense budget for the next seven years, starting 2018 is 124 million, or 18 a year for access.

They are coral islands, with much of them low lying and prone to tides and storm flooding. They are also vulnerable to earthquakes & volcanic activity. According to the UN they are at risk by climate change, but at present they have many infrastructure problems. They have very little fresh water sources and most is from rainwater or desalinization and poor sewage & disposal issues.

Salt water crocodiles habitat the mangroves, but since 1960 only one fatal human attack has occurred. In 2009 they created the first shark sanctuary, banning shark fishing in over quarter million square miles of ocean and is trying to get a world wide ban.

They are a Matrilineal Society is - through the mothers line & authority.

Religion- 50% roman Catholic, 22% Protestant, 9% modekngei (mixture of Christianity, traditional & fortune telling).


You play with fire, you might get burned. A shield nation for the highest bidder. Seeing a broken shield with fire darts getting through.