THAILAND Prophetic Flag

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Thailand is known as the “Kingdom of Thailand” and located in the southeast Asia on the Indochinese penninsula. Thai means “free man, or people”. It is one of the most populous nations of the world and has one of the strongest economies and is considered a “middle power”. The prevalent religion is Theravada Buddhism which incorporates traditional Hinduism, animism and ancestral worship. Islam is the second largest with  less than 1% claim Christianity.

The official calendar is 543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar because that is when Buddha died. It is their year of 2559, Americas is 2016 based on the death of Jesus , and the Hebrew calendar year is 5777 based upon the creation of the world .


Hear Oh Thailand, I indeed have called you into MY Kingdom to set your people free from the bondage’s of the lies of the enemy. Hear of Thai, there is ONE God, ONE deliverer and His name is Jesus and all other gods shall be cast down before His throne. So worship the true King of Glory and exalt His Holy name. He is the God of the ages, and holds time in His hands. Now is the acceptable time and day of salvation 2 cor 6:2

(seeing a clock with cross hands in a rush of wind JESUS IS HIS NAME)