NORTH KOREA Prophetic Flag

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Korea has a very troubled history and in 1948 split into North and South nations. North Koreas official name is “The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea” or the DPR but it is far from being a free nation but is totalitarian ruled by a dictator whom they call supreme leader, in 2016 his name is Kim Jong-un.

I wrestled as sought the Lord on what He would say to North Korea for its leader is distressing the world with threats of nuclear war and I know there are Christians and good people trapped under this regime.

I was led to Ezekiel 21 where the Lord is speaking to the rebellious nation of Israel, but God is no respecter of persons or nations and what He does for one He will do for another-- whether good or evil.

The Lord says He will “UNSHEATH HIS SWORD” to bring judgment and both the righteous and the wicked will suffer. The Sword of the Lord brings pestilence, famine, great fear, weakness, destruction against which no man can withstand.

I do not know if the Lord is using North Korea as His Sword, or warning them that His Sword is coming.


Central to the flag is a glittering sword being drawn out of its sheath by an unseen hand and ghosted in are angel wings for in 1 Chronicles 21, the Sword of the Lord was wielded by an angel. The background is of golden fire to represent the Glory of the Lord, but also fiery judgment.