TAIWAN Prophetic Flag

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A little island nation off the coast of China, it is officially known as the Republic of China(ROC) , while China is the Peoples Republic of China(PRC). At one time they were both the same nation but the mainland was lost to communism and Taiwan stayed free but still considers itself to be the true government of China. The ROC lost their seat at the UN to the PRC in 1971. The PRC claims to control the ROC. Even though the ROC is self governing most international organizations that the PRC is part of refuse to recognize the ROC.

The constitution has freedom of Religion- 35% Buddhism, 33% Taoism, 19% non religious, 4% Christianity


Heard in my Spirit “Shaped for Gods purposes.”(it looks like a sweet potato.) Sweet potatoes are a tuber vegetable that are considered a super food for all its nutrition value. Hidden source Called to nourish Asia as they defend freedom. Gods hidden power House formed by Him from the foundations of the world.