TUVALU Prophetic Flag

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A Polynesian island nation in the Pacific Ocean comprised of nine islands equaling about 15 square miles of land total and a population of about 10k . They gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1978 but still have the Queen as their Monarch. Tuvalu means 8 together because when it was formed, only eight islands were inhabited, but the flag now has 9 stars on it for all 9 islands.

They have major obesity, diabetes problems. The islands are low with the highest point only 15 ft above sea level and are at risk to cyclones and high tides and considered at risk to global warming and there have been several immigrants that used that risk as the reason they should have sanctuary in other nations. They have been at the heart of much of the UN global climate push as despite the danger, Tuvaluans want to keep their laid back culture and homeland rather than migrate to Australia or New Zealand.

Culturally, they live in  villages and community lifestyle where each has a specialty to contribute, gather at community buildings and They catch flying fish for food and sport with butterfly nets.

Motto & anthem- Tuvalu for the Almighty-- trust in God, have faith- He is in control, He shows us the way, He wraps us in His love, we will reign with Him in glory, He is our strength, our King who we adore,

Religion- State Church of Tuvalu( a Protestant branch of Calvinism) 97% , but they do have freedom of or from religion.


Seeing the word “FAITH” as a mountain, a strong foundation,hearts in the bottom