Kyrgystan Prophetic Flag

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A country in central Asia it is landlocked & mountainous and part of the ‘silk road’ - an ancient network of trade routes, especially in China silk. It gained its freedom from Russia in 1991.
Wikipedia says It endures ethnic conflicts, revolts, economic troubles, transitional governments and political party conflicts ( same thing they say about America!) is one of the top 20 nations for perceived level of corruption.
64% are non denominational muslim-- more confession than active, russian orthodox 17%.
Homosexuality is illegal, arraigned marriages, women under 23 cannot travel alone to preserve their purity.

Flag is red for valor with has a sun (peace & wealth) with a “tunduk” a Kyrgyz symbol / yurt (a portable round tent hut) to represent the family /home -- a circle in the crown , 40 rays to represent the 40 tribes of Kyrgyz coming together.


A nation on the line. Nation in the Balance.

Saw cross drawing a line in the sand?

Choose ye day.