JAPAN Prophetic Flag

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Japan is an Island nation made up of 6852 islands in the Pacific Ocean and is part of Asia.

It is an ancient land and considered one of the World Powers throughout its history. Today it is one of the 10th largest nations in population, a leader in economics and worldwide trade. After Hiroshima they signed a treaty with the UN that they would never declare war again. It is prophesied that in the last days, Japan would be an ally with the US and Israel.

Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Its flag has a large red circle on a field of white to represent the sun.


Central to the flag is a half globe rising to represent a World Power rising.

Coming from this globe are rays of yellow and gold to represent the sun, but these colors are also for purity and glory. On the globe is Japan in red to come into the synergy of their flag.

Under the name Japan is information of 6852 Islands. My spirit was grabbed by these numbers and upon researching their meaning I became convinced that the number of Islands is actually God prophetic call for this nation. Each number multiplied has even more meaning, but I decided to stick with the basic, stand alone numbers. These definitions/ words are written into the rising sun rays

6= Man, Harmony, Cooperation, Beauty
8=New Beginnings, resurrection, strength
5=works of the hand, anointing, grace
2=covenant, one accord, agreement

The background is colors of the sunrise with a blue sky at the top.