Jesus Manifested

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This prophetic flag was given to me as I entered into the Glory realm through worship. I had my drawing tools with me and so began to sketch as the Holy Spirit led. I was surprised as I looked at all the prophetic symbolism as the drawing portrayed Jesus Christ in many of His manifestations.

His name is lifted up and emblazoned in gold to signify His Glory. It is on the Rock, which He is, but it also signifies Golgotha, the place where He expressed His great love for us in by going to the cross to redeem us out of the clutches of sin. The Cross is a cross of blood, not a cross with blood on it. His blood is the only blood of eternal salvation. It also symbolized how He took somthing so despised in this world and turned it into a symbol of love, acceptance and sacrifice (just as He takes us and changes us). The sun rises behind the cross of blood in a glorious gold flame--symbolic of the Glory Presence of God and is a play on words, for Jesus is THE SON OF GOD. It is topped by a crown of orange-- orange is the color for war, so this symbolizes His victory in all our wars. The sky is royal purple, symbolic of His royalty, He is The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
This flag is a prophetic decree of our worship as it invades the atmosphere declaring that Jesus Christ is King of Kings & Lord of Lords, He is The Rock, The Cross Bearer, our Redeemer, Mighty Victorious Warrior, Son of Righteousness, He is worthy to have His name lifted up, Victorious resurrection, His Glory will cover the earth