Israel Prophetic Flag

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Interpretation of ISRAEL flag

Imagery: The blue and white colors are taken from the blue of the Israel flag to link with the synergy of that nation, along with the Star of David. There is a shofar blowing to symbolize the voice of God calling the nation to Worship Him, The most High God. The “breath” coming from the shofar is Fire, representing the Glory Fire Presence of God. His presence changes the atmosphere, The Glory of God is manifested as Fire, for our God is an all consuming fire. His Glory permeates the very atmosphere as we worship and the manifested weighty Glory of Gods presence can be felt. The Glory of God brings repentance, deliverance, revival, joy and peace to name a few. God has promised me that where these flags are waved He will come and change the very atmosphere of the situation. There are two crosses within this Glory Fire. Two is the number for covenant, “ How shall two walk together unless they are in one accord?” So this is a decree for unity, for love, for the Jew and Israel to come to Christ. The Decree “G-d’s Chosen” is because Israel and the Jews are His chosen people to bless the earth through. Jew’s believe God’s name is so Holy they do not desecrate it with writing it on an object that it might be erased from and since this a flag to draw them into salvation, I did not want to offend in this matter. COLOR MEANING: The Fire is comprised of several colors: yellow, gold, reds, purple and pinks Yellow/gold= Harvest, souls, reaping time, deliverance, favor of God, freedom Red= The Blood of Jesus, passion, warfare, Victory/triumph, the overcoming anointing, perseverance, sacrifice, healing, cleansing, forgiveness, reconciliation Purple= royalty, heirs, beloved, chosen . Pink= joy The blue represents Holy Spirit, The voice of God, The river of God rushing in