Wisconsin Prophetic Destiny Flag

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The Decrees & Vision’s: “RIVER STATE’

There is a fountain of the Spirit in Wisconsin that has been plugged up, but when the cork is removed there will be 12 flowing streams coming forth that will flow across this land. Revelation speaks of the river of God having trees that bear twelve fruits and bring healing to the nations.

The River of God will wash away the religious intellectual spirits and release the Prophetic decrees.


Image is of 12 streams coming from one source and creating a tidal wave in the river. They are different colors to symbolize the different races, denominations, nations coming together in one accord.

In agreement with the Prophet, twelve portrays the healing of the nations (peoples). Twelve also stands for ruling authority. The vision for this flag was gleaned from excerpts from the book, “Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation” written by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. This book was written from the call of God on their lives in to go to each state in America to link with ministries in that state and decree the destiny of God for that place and stir up a prophetic army of intercessors for America.