*Appeal to Heaven Prophetic Flag

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Is one of the first American flags used by Colonialist before America gained independence. They Appealed to Heaven for victory because they believed they were on the side of right, but also horribly outnumbered and it would take an act of God to win the war. This flag is open source to anyone who wants to create it, and you can get full historical documentation online. I have painted mine in alignment with Dutch Sheets dream and teachings. My flag is made of China silk and intended for indoor worship use, it has a light easy flow to it you wont get from the heavier all weather models online.
He received a dream about defeating principalities over America where two huge boxing gloves were prominent. One glove said “Everlast” and the other said “Evergreen”. He was given revelation that Everlast stood for Everlasting God, and only in proceeding years did he get understanding of the Evergreen when he was given a gift of the flag “An Appeal to Heaven” for upon it was an evergreen tree.
His revelation tied into his teaching on the “Synergy of the ages”. This synergy is each new generation entering into agreement with the previous generation(s) prayers, dreams and promises from God. That we add our prayers to theirs creating a tidal wave that will usher in the fulfillment and push back the darkness.
The Evergreen tree is on the flag because it was a symbol of covenant to the first nations people that the Colonialist had made covenant with. It symbolized an everlasting covenant of peace and alliance. The saying “bury the hatchet” comes from the practice of natives burying a hatchet at the base of an evergreen as an act of covenant of peace. As he sought for biblical understanding he was led to how Abraham planted a Tamarisk tree in the wilderness and how Tamarisk are slow growers. So slow that when Abraham planted it he was planting it in anticipation of the next generation enjoying the benefits of it.
To tie this together: We will defeat the giants of our land as we remember our true identity of being a Christian nation that serves the Everlasting God, Yahweh. We enter into the synergy of unstoppable prayer by agreement with the founding fathers of this being a nation that serves God and stands in covenant with the first nation people. We defeat the giants as we decree we inherit the blessings of Abraham and labor to leave a heritage for the next generation.