WALLIS & FUTUNA Prophetic Flag

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Is in the Pacific Ocean NE of Fiji and is a collectivity;

Futuna from a “fish poison tree” on the island, Wallis is from the explorer who discovered it and means “stranger”

Religion, Roman Catholism , heavily influenced by Polynesian traditions. Each village has its own patron saint and each district its own Great Church

No rivers but fresh water lakes on Wallis the larger island and most of the population is on the east coast , Futuna has several rivers with most of the population on the south coast. Each has distinct culture.

Extended Family important and all work together for the good of all. Simplistic lifestyle, financial poverty but rich in faith, family, peace, cooperative living.


Well pleased.

Heb 13:16 But go on doing good and giving to others, because God is well-pleased with such sacrifices..

Heb 13:15 commentary:
But in their peace-offerings, the offerer was regarded as one who stood in the relation of a friend with God, and the oblation was a sign of thankful acknowledgment for favors received. or they were connected with vows in order that further blessings might be obtained, or they were brought voluntarily as a means to continue themselves in the friendship and favor of God

Friend of God..
Communion with God