LATVIA Prophetic Flag

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A little nation in the Baltic region of Northern Europe and is one of three Baltic Sea states. It borders Russia and gained its independence from Russia in 1991. It is a democratic nation and is 46th on the HDI for High income country (but those numbers are artificially inflated) and is part of the EU.

Their anthem is :God Bless Latvia”
Latvia- Flat in landscape, quite in temper, cold in temperature, little in size.
described as a vast park with just one real city, its capital Riga. It is a strategic surveillance site for NATO in the Baltic. NATO uses a four pointed star as their emblem.

Religion- Lutheran- 34%, Roman Catholic= 24%, Russian Orthadox 18%, Other or none- 22%


It is a watchman nation.
Saw a pocket watch symbolizing a watchman looking out through a light, a flame of the Holy Spirit. Lightening flashing as they stand for freedom