ANGUILLA Prophetic Flag

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Anguilla is an overseas British island territory in the eastern Caribbean since the 1600s, they love being governed by England. with a total land mass of about 35 miles and population around 14k. It got its name from the shape of the main island that looks like an eel or snake
It is a coral reef island, low, flat , poor land and much of its produce is imported in and no large animals and few natural species. Often floods during storms. It is a tropical paradise that has become a popular tax haven.

Motto-Unity, strength, Endurance Anthem- God save the Queen National Song- God bless Anguilla (Great Song!)-- noble, beauteous, a haven, a nation proud-strong-free, let truth and right our banner be ,long may she prosper, God grant her leaders wisdom & grace and let glory & honor ever attend her.

Religion- 40% Anglican Methodist 34% other Protestant- 20%


honor those in authority
Pro 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

See a banner with words from their song