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A French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean off the southwest Coast of Africa., east of Madagascar. It claims to be the most prosperous island in the Indian Ocean, yet 60% are on welfare, unemployment high. Alcoholism & crime with it,

Nearly half of the island is a “UNESCO World Heritage” site, a national preserve due to its coral reefs, whale migrations. At least 19 species endemic to Reunion have become extinct following colonization. whale watching is a prime tourist attraction.

Because of the reefs, a unique poisoning of fish to human is a danger that sometimes reaches epidemic levels. Shark attack resulting in death is common and the government has made swimming in some areas illegal. Being a UNESCO site, fishing is illegal in much of the area. Most all their food and substances are imported in.

Religion -- Christianity *80% primary Roman Catholic, Hindu (10%)-- yet much of the Catholic refers often to the Hindu gods for protection.


What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see...

They have a form. Their greatest attraction is the water, yet their deadliest danger is the fruits of the waters, and because of protection, they have no substance. What you see is not what you get..

An eye with a cross for the pupil shining light into green for propsperity