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A microstate in Central Europe it is a double landlocked nation-- meaning two nations have to be traveled before they reach the ocean. It is a monarchy with the Prince of Liechtenstein as ranking principality. They speak a type of German that is mixed with local vernacular accent. It borders Switzerland & Austria and is just over 62 miles square-- making it the fourth tiniest nation in Europe.It is mostly mountainous making it a winter sport destination.

It is a tiny, peaceful nation without an army or larger nation to defend it as they pursue neutrality. They have a national police force of about 80 officers, yet they have very low crime. If they have a convicted criminal with more than two years time they transfer them to Austria. People don’t lock their doors and there is a quite moratorium during lunch and after 10pm.
Its described as a fairy tale country of castles, princes & utopia.

It is the worlds leading manufacture of false teeth- more than 20%. Bringing Smiles to the world. Dentures support the facial muscles, ,help you speak clearly, Help you chew & digest food, promote good self esteem, but must be removed and cleaned nightly to prevent disease & bad breath.

Religion- Roman Catholic-is the official religion protected by the state- 76%, other Christian- 9%, Islam-6%, atheist 6%


Speak what is Right

Saw a banner across the world saying “Jesus is..”., with attributes of Jesus in the background winds