SOUTH POLE Prophetic Flag

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One of two points where the earths axis of rotation intersects its surface. It is the southernmost point on the surface of the earth and lies opposite of the North Pole. Situated on the continent of Antarctica. It is estimated the ice is 9000 ft thick. From May 11 to August 1st there is no sunlight only extended periods of twilight,and between September - March the sun is continuously out and low in the sky and does not generate much heat and that combined with the altitude makes it one of the coldest places on earth-- colder than the North Pole.

There is a scientific station established by the United States that is staffed since 1956, Armundsen-Scott , but the South Pole belongs to no one nation. Most places on earth, time is established by longitude, but since the south pole all lines converge, there is no way to establish time. Since the US gets its supplies out of New Zealand, the station uses New Zealand time.

The Aurora Australis, southern lights are above the magnetic pole.


As I pondered what Word to South Pole, I held a cup in my hand shaped like a globe and saw that the South Pole is a firm foundation, a secure base, for the world.

Cross with Aurora behind it.