**Revive U.S. Prophetic Flag

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Interpretation on Revive U.S. 

The Decree is “REVIVE U.S.” it is a double innuendo, for America to be revived as the USA, but a cry for personal revival as corporate revival will only happen as individual revival occurs. The color is gold for purity and glory.
The imagery is to connect the synergy of the Ages through coming into agreement with the founding fathers of the destiny of this nation to be “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”. We are a Christian nation. It is in Blue for the Holy Spirit and to incorporate American colors.
There are 13 stars to remember our roots.
The fire is for GLORY of God,REVIVAL fires, purity and purging.
The eagle is America, our founding fathers vision, the Seer anointing which is connected to PROPHESY.
Red is the color for passion, for the Blood of Jesus and part of our flag so that those seeing this flag will connect to America