SPAIN Prophetic Flag

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Spain is responsible for discovering most of North and South America. The Lord used this nation to discover The United States of America through a man named “CHRISTopher”.

Spain’s national motto is “ Plus Ultra” which interpreted means “Further Beyond”. They became known in Europe as “The land of the setting sun” because they are the furthest nation west on the Mediterranean.

It was Paul’s desire to travel to Spain to help establish the church there, but it is unclear if he ever actually made it. Spain has freedom of religion but is predominately Catholic, and polls reveal that the greatest majority of these are not faithful practitioners of their faith.


Central image on the flag is a globe within a setting sun with a Spanish galleon ship sailing out with one of the sails as the USA flag and a large white cross on the bowsprit. The background is of sun rays.

The globe is to symbolize that Spain has been very influential in the world in the past and the prophetic cry is that it would be so once again. Spain used to be motivated by the gospel and their modern motto is to go beyond, so the scripture for Spain is Mat 28:19- “GO ye therefore into all nations (the world) baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

The sun is because that is how others see them, but prophetically it is because time is short, the night is coming, and so they need to go now!

The whole flag is of sun colors because yellow, gold and reds are colors for the glory presence of God. The Lord promised us He would be with us as we go.

The Galleon ship is because that is symbol of Spain but also they were some of the largest fastest ships in their time. Prophetically it is a big call that needs to be done with all haste.The cross is at the front as it leads and white for the pure word of the Lord.