Martinque Prophetic Flag

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An insular overseas region and department of France in the Caribbean Sea, an island about 450 square miles and population nearly 400k. It is southeast of Puerto Rico. As part of France, it is part of the EU and its currency is the euro and language is French and culture is French. They have a good standard of living.
Its name has morphed through several forms from the one that Christopher Columbus gave it honoring a Saint. Originally the locals called it the “island of the iguanas”, one name meant “island of flowers”. It is a volcanic island formed by Mt Pelee (meaning bald peeled) that is currently labeled quiescent, but has eight different centers to monitor activity. The capital that was destroyed by Mt Pelee eruption in 1902 killing 30k. The capital was called the “Little Paris of the Caribbean”.

Religion- Roman Catholic 90%, Hindu 5%


Gods instructions for the design of His temple and instruments included flowers, especially the Menorah, the light for the Holy of Holies.
Gods beautiful lamp