SAINT LUCIA Prophetic Flag

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Located in the Caribbean it gained independence from Great Britain in 1979 and still has a parliamentary government with Queen Elizabeth as its Monarch. The French were the first Europeans to settle there and for two hundred years there was war between France & England over rulership with rule being changed 14 times before England won for good. It gained the nickname “Helen of the Caribbean” from Helen of Troy.- the most beautiful woman in the world that the gods fought over. This is the only nation named after a woman.

It has two prominent volcano mountains that are used as its crest on their flag.

Population of less than a quarter million and high emigration. The population is primarily African from slave labor.

St Lucia was a Saint whose name means light and tradition has it that her eyes were gouged out when she was martyred, thus she is the patron of the blind. She is often portrayed holding a lamp.

Religion- Roman Catholic- 62%, Protestant- 26%, other Christian 8%, none 6%


I’ve called you to be a unique spiritual light to the world and to those in darkness.
Seeing a cross with light streaming from it