Rising Son Prophetic Flag

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The design was sparked from a friend who had a vision that she asked me to create a flag from. The vision was of a sun rising over green hills, and the rays of the sun ended in sparkling jewels. She said the Lord told her this was a picture of His Son rising according to Isaiah 60, and that the jewels were His church sparkling in the son, pure and glorious to draw all men unto Jesus.

This flag carries an anointing to call to the body of Christ, His church, to arise in purity and power. Its a call for the church to take back society and rule in righteousness. Its a call to Israel to come to Salvation in Jesus. Its a call for the Christian to remember how precious they are to God. Its a call for violence to end and our land to be a place of salvation and safety.

I saw the hills as many, and then as seven. As the seven mountains of society conquered. And so each hill has a name on it: Religion, Family, Government. Entertainment (arts), Education, Business, Media. Green is the color for revival, prosperity, renewal, growth. This is a prophetic call to the Church to take their sphere of influence for Christ.

The sun rising has Isaiah 60:1-4,18 and Malachi 3:16-17, written in orange on the golden sun. Jesus is the Son who makes all things new and glorious. Yellow/gold are colors for Glory and Orange is the color for warfare.

Isa 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side

IS 60:18 Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.

The jewels on the tips of the rays of the Son. As I sought how, I heard 12 stones. Which brought me to the ephod for the tribes of Israel. God saw Israel as precious stones and had the priest to wear a vest with jewels representing each tribe as they stood in intercession for them. So there are 12 stones of different cuts and colors. Twelve is the number for ruling authority.

In Malachi 3:16-17, God speaks of those who worship Him as His jewels.
Mal 3:16 Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the LORD, and that thought upon his name. And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.

Lastly, the overall visual effect is of a huge crown, and we are His crown jewels set into the crown of The King of Kings