GIBRALTAR Prophetic Flag

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Gibraltar is a British territory and headland on Spains south coast. Its dominated by the rock of Gibraltar, a 426 meter high limestone ridge and is only about 2.6 sq miles total and has a population of about 32k.

Known as the “key to Spain” by the Moors and “key to Mediterranean” by the British as it controls the 8 mile width of the sea at this point.
Flag and Coat of Arms has a 3 tower red(for British Union Jack) castle (to represent Gibraltar as a stronghold) with gold key hanging from it.

Roman Catholic (73%)


Indeed I have made you a key to the region and watchman upon THE ROCK.
Your KEY to this end time, peace or war for the nations are in your gates.

Saw multiple keys and pocket watches representing “Watchmen”.

Maybe split background 1/2 green for peace, 1/2 red for war