River Glory Prophetic Canopy

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This Canopy is a prophetic picture of the River of God. It has waves, white caps and spash drops worked into the design. As you wave it, you are decreeing for a fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit to come in refreshing, bringing new strength, peace, prosperity, life, salvation. Blue is the color for Holy Spirit who is described as coming in like a mighty rushing river or wind.

Psalms 65:9 “Thou visitest the earth, and waterest it: thou greatly enrichest it with the river of God.”
Isaiah describes God sending Peace like a river.
Jeremiah describes strength coming from the river.
Ezekiel describes the river of God flowing from the throne that is symbolic of Holy Spirit and our surrender by going deeper in God, which results in fish (souls) and healing to the nations.
Revelation describes it as a River of life.

Canopy means: to cover,to hide & protect,covenant as in marriage,splendor,royal pavilion. 

My canopies are not the traditional billow, but are oval shaped with fluttering edges. They are created to be thrown into the air to flutter down as a prophetic visual of the Glory coming down. The canopy comes in two sizes and are oval shaped.

Large ( a 12x12ft)a total of 10 yards of silk and medium( 6x 6ft)a toatl of 5 yards of silk.
Medium is good for 2 - 4 people to use & is wonderful as a prayer mantle. The large canopy can be used by 2 -10 people.It is wonderful to use as a prayer canopy, in the dance, and encourages a child-like spirit in the congregation as it is almost irresistible for the hungry not to want to run under and play in it.