Alabaster Box Words Prophetic Flag

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This flag is a prophetic call for abandoned worship to Jesus to arise. It ushers in healing for the broken hearted. It ushers in a release of the Holy Spirit to move with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We are to be as Mary and extravagantly pour out our worship unto Jesus.

As I worshiped, I visioned oil flowing from my uplifted hands-- a symbol of a surrendered open heart to worship in abandoned adoration. Mary poured spiknard oil from her alabaster box. Spikenard is one of the fragrances that God required to be in the insense to be burned on His altar in the temple.

I then saw hands lifting out of flames and realized two things: God requires our worship at His altar to be passionate, to assend as a sweet fragrance as we worship in The Spirit; and we should worship Jesus in the midst of our fiery trials.

The atmosphere was filled with new songs in the Spirit, which is propheticly portrayed in the blue background that has darker music symbols in it