Rose of Sharon Prophetic Flag

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Jesus Christ is THE Rose of Sharon.

Son_2:1  I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. 

Sharon was a level plain east of Jordan and known for its sweet lush gardens.  The word sharon  means staight, even, right, pleasing, well, be upright.

Is 33:9 speaks of how the earth shall mourn because of wickedess and Sharon shall be a wilderness. Is 35:2 speaks of how when the Messiah comes, the wilderness of Sharon shall blossom abundantly and be filled with joy & singing.

Medicinally, Roses are used to treat antidepressant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, digestives issues, kidney tonic, menstrual regulator, its a blood purifer, treats: heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cognitive issues, alzheimers

Rose of Sharon comes in all colors.

RED= Blood of Jesus, Passion, Fire, Purifying, overcomer, perseverance, war, Authority,
BLUE= Holy Spirit (breath of God)-decreeing (River of God)- His flow and of refreshing, Intercession, contending, unstoppable, release of the gifts of Holy spirit, renewal,
YELLOW= Glory presence of God, compassion, fire of God, submission to God, humbleness,
GREEN= Healing,Renewal, hope, Revival, new growth, strength as a tree, peace as laying in green pastures, prosperity,
ORANGE= Warfare, courage, endurance, strength, power
PURPLE= Royalty, heirs to the throne of God, ruler, noble one, breakthrough, reining power
GOLD=Glory presence of God, purification, freedom, deliverance, Favor of God, righteousness, Power, Passion for Christ
PINK= Joy, strength, heart of passion, compassion