POLAND Prophetic Flag

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Poland’s national anthem was 1797 shortly after the Polish Commonwealth was erased from the map. The running theme through the anthem is encouragement to the troops that even if Poland is not a free geographical nation, the Polish people shall endure and Poland is not lost yet and its land shall be safe and peaceful. While Poland has no official motto, the title of their anthem is a rallying cry-- “POLAND IS NOT LOST YET”

During WWII, Poland was the first nation invaded by Germany because of its heavy Jewish population. Several concentration camps, the most famous Auschwitz, were built to murder over 3 million Jews on its soil. During this time, Christians rallied to protect and deliver their Jewish neighbors.

The “Cross of Merit”, a medal of valor, used to be given only to military for outstanding deeds of courage and honor. It is a cross now given to not only military but all who distinguish themselves in public service. It is considered to be slightly lower than being knighted.

Modern Poland is mostly Catholic in religion before an influx of Muslims the last two years.


Central to the flag is the Cross of Merit but within it is the Star of Israel to symbolize how Christianity tried to protect Israel before and it is a prophetic call for them to do so again. The influx of Muslims has created much social upheaval as they are trying to take over the nation, so the cross is a call to the Church to arise!

I was captured by their anthem and felt it is the cry of Gods heart for this land as they fight for continued religious freedoms. Poland is not yet lost!

The background is white and the letters red to come into the synergy of the national flag that is half red and half white.