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As I spoke with a dear friend about a new design that was stirring in her spirit she shared with me the things she was sensing and left it up to Holy Spirit to birth what He wanted.

She was speaking of this being the year 5778 and the release of the angelic and how the Lord had her using all her flags with angel images on them so she knew angels played a part.
Again, with this being the year of new open doors or portals from heaven, she felt it should show the angels ascending and descending, not so much as from a ladder as in Jacobs vision but somehow.
She then mentioned a staircase I had in another flag and how drawn she had been to that image.
We talked of prayer and how God sends ministering angels to perform His Word from His intercessors and how amazing it was that we could pray a prayer here for a particular national concern and see answers come to pass.

As I prayed about all this, the Lord brought to remembrance the scripture that He has given us the KEYS to heaven and hell and so I thought a key would play into the design. But as I developed it on the computer, I went with fiery letters instead, but hadn’t printed it yet when another friend sent me a text about a message she had heard about KEYS and she thought of me when she heard it. The Word was how God would fashion us into universal keys that would give us access to release the angelic. I went back to my original design of using a skeleton key because in the old days of palaces, a skeleton key opened all the doors. Within the bow of the key is a heart shape for intercession.

I have often heard prayers described as fire because of their passion and , and so I knew I needed a fiery key inscribed with PRAYERS ACTIVATED. I saw the angels as sent out arrows rushing down to scoop up our prayers and rushing to present them to the God of on heavens throne to be sent back out to answer them. So there is much activity in the atmosphere.

The angels have rainbow colors in them to symbolize Gods covenant answers and fire for the presence of God and green because the Throne of Heaven is described as being surrounded by an emerald rainbow and also green is a color for healing, revival and new beginnings.