Papua New Guinea Prophetic Flag

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Papua New Guinea is an Island nation that was originally named New Guinea after the resemblance of the natives to those of Guinea, Africa. But it was changed to Papua New Guinea. Papua is a combination of two words, PAP means unity, UA means disunity. Half of the island is Papua New Guinea, the other half is Indonesia. It is the next largest island nation of the world, yet only about half the size of Texas.

Papua New Guinea population is about 11 million and this is largely made up from over 1100 aboriginal tribes, with each tribe having its own language. In the industrialized parts of the nation there are three primary languages, among them English.

It has such a rich bio-diversity that even at this time there are many plants and insects and possibly animals that have not been discovered on this little island nation. Discoveries that could lead to life saving remedies. The nation has 12 distinct climate-biology -zones and is located on the “ring of fire”


Central image on the flag is of an egg shape to represent new life. This egg is divided into 3 expanding levels to represent the work of the Trinity of God to bring this nation together as one. Also to represent the three languages that are already established.

The inner circle has a tree of tribal figures rising up in praise from one root, the background is golden orange to represent there is warfare to come together in unity and that it will take the power of the golden glory presence of the Lord to do it.

The next ring has multiple icons of speech to represent the diversity of languages to come together as one. Without the ability to communicate, how can they come together! The icons are blue to represent the Holy Spirit breath and the background is green for growth, life, revival.

The outer ring has 12 colors to represent the 12 regions coming together to make a whole. Each piece contributing to the good of the whole.

The basic background is shades of expanding blue to represent this as an island nation but the expanding waves are blue for the move of Holy Spirit upon this nation and expanding out to touch the world.