Falkland Islands Prophetic Flag

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An archipelago with two main islands in the south Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles east of South America. They are a British Overseas Territory that is self governing but the UK is responsible for their defense & foreign affairs. Argentina lays claim to it resulting in dispute between them. They have a population of about 3K.

Because of its location and mountains, they are home to large land bird populations- penguins, albatross, etc. It is biogeographically part of the mild Antarctic zone. The islands are treeless with wind-resistant vegetation such as dwarf shrubs. Virtually the entire land area of the islands are used as pasture for sheep so they have high quality wool as a major export.

Religion- 66% Christian, 32% no religion


Psalms 65
Covered by God. Blessed by God. Wool is used for clothing, blankets, our sins when forgiven described as “white as wool”.
/Tapestry of God