KIRIBATI Prophetic Flag

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An island nation in the central Pacific comprising 33 atolls & one raised coral island of Banaba. They have a total land mass of 310 square miles dispersed over nearly 1.5 million square miles with a population of around 100k. It is the only nation that is situated in all four hemispheres of the world NSEW because their spread straddles the equator and the international date line (which is indented to bring all the nation under the same date.)

It is a low country, with some of the islands being reclaimed by the ocean and the land is not very good. Most Kiribati’s subsist on what can be harvested from the ocean and most of their health problems stem from undercooked seafood, poor food storage and contaminated water. They also have over 50% of the population smokes- making them the third highest in the world. The islands only have one endemic species, a bird, everything else has been brought in.

Religion- Roman Catholic 56%, Kiribati Uniting (Protestant) Church 34%, LDS Mormons 16%

They are a place to designate beginning and ending, a place to connect it all together. Ground zero. Gods compass.