New Caldonia Prophetic Flag

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Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean east of Australia it is an archipelago of islands that are a special collectivity French overseas Territory. It is in the midst of gaining independence scheduled in 2018 at which time it may change its name to reflect more of its Kanak native culture. They have already adopted a new flag but also have the old one, so it is a nation with two official flags.

It has been known for various products: sugar, slaves, and now is number three in the world for nickel mining, but the Kanaks are mainly bearing the brunt of pollution more than prosperity. Nickel is used to make stainless steel and used extensively for tubing for desalinization plants to convert salt water into pure.

Religion- Roman Catholic 55%, Protestant/other Christian 33%, Muslim 3%


Saw that tree that Moses threw into the bitter water at Marah to purify it.

Cross with roots in water with waters before dark/dirty and after pure

“Remove the bitter” “Sweeten the Waters”