Maryland Prophetic Destiny Flag

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The Decrees & Visons: “I WILL AWAKEN THE SEED STATE”

Division in Maryland will stir things for righteous change that will stir the entire nation. The fire of God that dwells in this state will restore that which once was because Maryland is a state that “draws the line” in the past and will again in the future.

“I am going to awaken the seed and open the womb through worship”


Image is of a great stirring, expanding cycling target that is whipping out into the orange colored atmosphere. Orange is the color for Glory, the color for war and color for fire.

The stirring target has a sprouting, awaking seed in its center. The spiral target has four strands: red, white & blue for America and fire for revival & glory through worship. These strands are exploding out from their established course in flaming wing shapes symbolic of angels flying out into the four corners of America!

The vision for this flag was gleaned from excerpts from the book, “Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation” written by Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. This book was written from the call of God on their lives in to go to each state in America to link with ministries in that state and decree the destiny of God for that place and stir up a prophetic army of intercessors for America.