SWEDEN Prophetic Flag

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A nation in northern Europe on the west of the Baltic Sea next to Norway on the Scandinavian Peninsula. It is the third largest EU nation by area, but has only about 10 million population. It is a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy and a monarch king as head of state. The last war Sweden was directly involved with was in 1814, but today in the news they signed an agreement with the EU for “rapid action joint expeditionary force”.

They are a nation in chaos because of immigration of militant muslims and daily there are news reports of atrocities against Swede’s by this group and they are desperately trying to gain control in their nation once again.

RELIGION- Norse paganism was the root of religion when Sweden was founded by Christians, and at one time it was illegal to worship any God but the Christian God Jesus. there is freedom of religion but it wasn’t until 2000 that the state religion, “The Church of Sweden” was disestablished. It is an Evangelical Lutheran denomination with about 61% of the population claiming it-- but this is primarily because until 1996, all newborns were made members until they or their parents canceled it. Only about 2% attend services regularly. It is liberal, approving homosexuality in the priesthood.
22% Islam,

Sweden is relatively secular, with 18% believe there is a God, 45% believe there is some sort of spirit force, 34% are atheist.


They that worship Me, must do so in Spirit & Truth
Without faith in Jesus, it is impossible
Heard that song, “When the Savior reached down for me: I was lost and undone, without God or His Son- when my Savior reached down for me”

Seeing bleeding hand reaching from heaven to one reaching up from earth