AUSTRIA Prophetic Flag

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A landlocked nation in Central Europe it borders Germany. It is highly mountainous lying within the Alps. It came under German control in 1918 until 1945 when it returned to its democratic constitution.

It has been the birthplace of several famous composers and its capital Vienna is known as the City if Music because if its musical legacy, but also as the City of Dreams as it was home to Sigmund Frued, and according to the UN-Habitat it is the most prosperous city in the world.

I know of Austria from the movie “Sound of Music” and the location is a big tourist attraction today.

Religion- Roman Catholic 59%, Eastern Orthodox 6%, Protestant 4%, Islam 7%


A nation created for the sounds of worship in the earth. Make a joyful sound. An exuberant spiral of colors and shapes erupting from the center of the nation and going out as they proclaim Jesus as Lord of all.