Lion Of Judah Leaping

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Rev 5:5--the Lion of Judah has prevailed

This flag was birthed through a vision of sorts and a confirming voice from a prophet. I was sitting on the porch and meditating on the goodness of God. He is a wonderful provider and so faithful. My defender. As I worshiped I watched the clouds and one appeared as a roaring leaping lion. I smiled at this childlike experience and watched as the lion stretched out as clouds do and I decreed the Lion of Judah was running across heaven to come and rescue me. The next day an acquaintance called to discuss a flag she had seen in a vision four years ago and to ask if I would make it. Her vision was of a leaping roaring lion on a field of green and she ran through the church with this flag. The Power of God hit me and I knew exactly how He looked-- I had just seen Him the day before!

The fact that it took her four years to birth this is significant to the ruling authority that is endued with this flag. Four is the number for earthly ruling, the North, South, East and West.

The Lion of Judah roars as He leaps across the heavens. He is coming in vengeance to protect His bride and claim His territory. The heavens are green and blue because He is coming to bring healing and prosperity and the fullness of His Spirit to His church.
Judah means abandoned Praise & worship. This flag is Decreeing overcoming breakthrough, prosperity in all realms, and refreshing health into the atmosphere. His mane is rainbow colors to signify covenant.

“A mature lion, being the king of beasts, and the strongest among them, may denote the kingly power and authority of Christ, his great strength as the Almighty God and Almighty Saviour, his courage in engaging with all the powers of darkness, and valor in vanquishing all enemies; his generosity and leniency to those that stoop to him, and his fierceness to his adversaries, who took the prey from the mighty, and then ascended on high, leading captivity captive; where he sat down at the right hand of God at rest and ease, and who will dare to rouse him up, or be able to stand before him when once he is angry?”