LUXEMBOURG Prophetic Flag

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A little European nation bordering France, its capital , Luxembourg City is one of three official capitals of the European Union and seat of the European Court of justice- the highest juridical authority in the EU and several other EU institutions. Because of its history of mediation with Germany and France it was instrumental in forming the EU. It is a founding member of the UN, EU, NATO, OECD (organization for economic development) , Benelux (customs agreement between Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg).

Luxembourg is a secular state but recognizes certain religions as officially mandated. This means they have administration authority and appoint clergy in them in exchange they pay for costs and wages. Many are pushing for separation of church & state and many have fallen away from faith because of the secularization of the church.

. Religion = Roman Catholic-67%, Protestant- 3%,Muslim 3% , atheist /agnostic 25%

Motto- “We want to remain what we are”

Saw it as a Fore-runner nation that was bound, hobbled by religion and works. The hobble is a ball bomb with a lit fuse as they will explode once they get free from spirits of religion and into true freedom in Christ who is our true Peace and maketh us to lie down in green pastures, so the background is greens representative of peace.