HUNGARY Prophetic Flag

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Is a landlocked nation in Central Europe in the Carpathian basin, bordering 7 nations with its capital of Budapest.

It has the largest Synagogue in Europe but less than 1% Jewish. The largest medicinal bath in Europe, one of the largest Basilicas in Europe, The second largest Abbey in the world.

Religion- although founded by Catholicism, there is now no official religion and is considered a secular country with freedom of religion a right.
Roman Catholic- 38%, other Christian- 14%, none- 28%, irreligious 17%

In 2/ 2017 they are trying to ban Muslims and gays from entering the country and have angered the EU by increasing their immigration/ migrant application/approval process.


Large. Expand tent pegs.
Saw stake in ground, enlargement, established, “drawing the line” SECURE