YESHUA Prophetic Flag

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This flag was given to me as I waited in an airport. I drew it off in pastels and once it finished I wept as I gazed upon it. I knew the prophetic anointing of God was upon it and that I must make a flag of it.

The face of Jesus, or Yeshua in Hebrew, is in the midst of the Israeli Star to show His Jewishness. I did not realize until later that Jews believe it is an abomination to have images lifted up, so this flag is an offense to them because of their religion. So, one of the prophetic calls on this flag is to break religeous bondage.

He has the Hasidic curls, although that sect was not in existance when He was on the earth. But this is a vision those of today will recognize as devout Jews, and so this is a prophetic call to the religeous Jew to come to Christianity.

Yeshua is the Hebraic name for Jesus.  Blue is Israels national color so that is why His name is written in blue. The background is fiery gold to symbolize His glory and filled with stars for the nations.