IRELAND Prophetic Flag

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Ireland is a divided island nation next to England and Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom under England’s rule.

Ireland got its name from Gallic word “Eriu”, with Eriu being the name of the goddess of the land coming with plenty and abundance. Ireland is a whimsical land we associate with magical leprechauns, fairies and pots of gold. They are also known as great fighters & warriors & Irish whiskey.

Ireland is 85% Catholic, but only about 6% claim to be faithful Catholics.

Ireland is called the “Emerald Isle”


I prayed what the Lord would say to Ireland the first thing that rose up in Spirit was that “ You shall have no other God but Me” to counter petition the culture of Eriu and Catholicism and the influx of Islam I clarified the “Me” is almighty Jehovah. And the next thing I heard was the Lord tenderly affirming they were His jewel, His emerald for His glory and crown as spoken in Isaiah 61:10.

Central to the flag is a large diamond cut Emerald with an island backdrop and rising sky all of shades of green. Green is not only the color for emeralds, it is also a color for revival, healing and prosperity in the Lord.