Portals of Promise

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This flag came about through the revealing of Holy Spirit showing me what was happening in the spiritual realm and through a bold confirmation from a fellow worshipper.

We had entered the year 5778, a year among other things to see the release of angels that were at the door, or portals of heaven.

I’m one who usually commands the day as I watch the sun come up and decree over myself, my neighborhood and nation that God will rule & be magnified. This morning as I sat, it was cool & cloudy, so cloudy that I knew the sunrise would be blocked and only the shade of gray would change. I started to head back into the house when I felt the nudge of Holy Spirit to remain and I agreed for He had shown me things before in the clouds. So I sat and watched the sky.

As I watched I saw the clouds begin to swirl in several places, I knew they were not tornadic, but they did look like the beginnings of tornadoes. Which reminded me of the new flag I had just completed, Holy Open Glory Portals. I agreed with delight that portals were opened in the heavenlies. As I continued to watch the swirling’s gathered tighter until the centers opened up and I saw the clear sky behind. It was a WOW moment as I worshiped and decreed the angelic host to descend and war for me.

I regret to say that was the end of it for me. I knew the Lord was confirming His Word and was deeply moved by it all, but I went about my day. The next day, at First Fruits, I delivered the Glory Portals flag and it was enthusiastically used during the worship. A fellow worshipper, a woman came to me saying she wanted something similar but to say Portals of Promise and not to have a whole vortex. She then pulled out her phone to show me pictures of clouds she had seen the day before that she wanted it based from. It was the same cloud formations I had seen! Except, hers had short rainbows coming down from the cleared places within!

I love it when God confirms His Will. He is so patient with us and when we unwittingly don’t get it, He will speak through another voice to clarify what He is saying. Paul said we see though a glass darkly and only hear in part. Thank God He sends clarification as we work together as one body!
I believe this flag carries a real anointing to release the heavenly angels to war for our Promises from the Lord and that we MAY SEE them come to pass quickly! Also I believe it releases unity of the brethren, a clarity of the things of God.

There are 4 portals with angels emerging in swirling activity-- four is an authority number over the earth-- north, east, south & west. They have a lot of green in them because the Throne of Heaven has an emerald rainbow about it. Green is also the color for healing, renewal and breakthrough. They also have much pink, to symbolize great joy and much gold for the glory realm. Streaming from them are rainbows, in part to come into agreement with what the Lord showed, but also because the rainbow is a covenant sign from God that He keeps promise. The sky is mostly turquoise blue to show a bright future filled with the Presence of Holy Spirit.