HONDURAS Prophetic Flag

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Honduras (depths) is in Central America, between North & South, but is actually included as a North American nation.
Motto- Free, sovereign & independent
flag- horizontal triband with blue top & bottom (oceans both sides) and white in middle(peace & prosperity to the land) with 5 blue stars in an X pattern. The flag $ colors are same as the United Provinces of Central America. The stars represent the 5 original provinces of C.A.. Coat of Arms- 2 horns of plenty

High AIDS leads to fluctuating population plus a lot of immigration away from, worlds highest murder rate per capita,(online news is full death, murder, riots) , one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere.

Religion 52% nominal Catholic, 35% Protestant


Come into agreement with their vision of prosperity on their coat of arms.
Prosperity means life abundant in all realms
Saw horn of plenty, life, spirit of murder (RAGE)cast down under it-- usually depicted as a knife wielder, blood, Cain & Abel,

Prosper in all things through Christ who has defeated death and all its ways-- poverty, lack, murder, sin, disease,

The horn of plenty turns into a horn blowing and pouring out of it are the covenant promises to those who worship Jesus and lift Him up and speak His truth

The horn is silver to portray holiness and no mixture of worship and within it is pure sparkling white is the name of Jesus. Pouring from the horn is Life, Peace, Health, Prosperity, Joy, Hope & Love. The horn is crushing death under it and flowing around it all is blue for Holy Spirit.

3 John 1:2