BELIZE Prophetic Flag

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A nation in Central America its north borders Mexico and east is on the Caribbean and so is also considered a Caribbean nation. It is a nation founded in Mayan roots and its name comes from the Maya word Balix, meaning Muddy Waters, thought because of the river that runs through it..

It is a Commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth as its monarch and head of state. It has the lowest population density of Central America but it is one of the highest population growth in the western hemisphere. Its population is less than 1/2 million and very ethnically diverse.

They have very high crime that is mostly gang, cartels drug related. murder, violence,

Religion- Roman Catholic- 40%, Protestant- 32%, other 12%, none 15%


Let Clear, unadulterated waters flow and “Be ye clean every whit”

Seeing a stream, part muddy, part clear and the clear running on and muddy pooling